Advanced VNF based on OpenWRT in Tacker

Abstract: By leveraging Network Function Virtualization (NFV), the communications service providers (CSPs) can provide a virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) solution where multiple network services and functions are virtualized and run on the common hardware platform with lower costs than of physical hardware appliances. However, in the OpenStack Tacker-based vCPE system, the network services based… Read More

VyOS-based VNF

Abstract: Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a new concept that is shifting network functions from dedicated hardware appliances to software running on commodity hardware. By levering NFV, A communications service provider or CSP can provide a virtual customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) solution which is a method to deliver network services to enterprises by using software rather… Read More

Developing the Python Libs in DevStack

In Devstack, the Python packages/libs, e.g., python-tackerclient [1], tacker-horizon [2], are not easy to develop because normally they will be installed under python’s site-packages. Therefore, to easy for developing, we can install from the local environment and work on it: 1. Clone the repo of the project: cd /opt/stack/ git clone git:// -b <branch> 2. Install: cd python-tackerclient… Read More

Customize the OpenWRT 15.05.1 for OpenStack Tacker

The OpenWRT is modified based on KVM OpenWRT 15.05.1 to be suitable for OpenStack Tacker. The procedure is following as below: cd ~ wget \ -O openwrt-x86-kvm_guest-combined-ext4.img.gz gunzip openwrt-x86-kvm_guest-combined-ext4.img.gz mkdir -p imgroot sudo kpartx -av openwrt-x86-kvm_guest-combined-ext4.img # Replace the loopXp2 with the result of above command, e.g., loop0p2 sudo mount -o loop /dev/mapper/loopXp2 imgroot… Read More