How to Disable Error Reporting in Windows 10

If a program stops working or responding, Windows 10 can automatically report the problem to Microsoft and check for a solution. By default, Windows 10 collects information that describes the problem. This is called a problem report. It can include the name of the program that has stopped working, the date and time when the problem occurred, and the version of the program that has encountered the problem. Sending a problem report allows Windows 10 to notify you if a solution is available. This is called “Error Reporting”. If you are not happy with the OS behavior, for example, because of privacy or disk space issues, high CPU processing, you might want to disable it.

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Drop or Block IP Addresses: Null Routing in Linux

Someone might attack your Linux based system. You can drop attacker IP using IPtables.

However, you can use the route or ip command to null route unwanted traffic. A null route (also called as blackhole route) is a network route or kernel routing table entry that goes nowhere. Matching packets are dropped (ignored) rather than forwarded, acting as a kind of very limited firewall. The act of using null routes is often called blackhole filtering.

You can null route (like some time ISP do prevent your network device from sending any data to a remote system) stopping various attacks coming from a single IP (read as spammers or hackers IP) using the following syntax on a Linux based system.

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Windows CMD Commands List

Windows Command Prompt is an often ignored aspect of the modern Windows OSes. The command prompt, also known as cmd.exe or cmd is a command line interpreter available since the NT line of Windows OSes. While the majority reasons for which the command prompt was used for can now be done through a graphical interface, this application has remained with Windows and is still used by many. Although many of us might not have used them, the fact that they still exist in modern-day Windows is reason enough for us to be familiar with it.

A-Z Windows CMD Commands List

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5 Key Steps to Becoming a Highly Valued Cloud Computing Expert

There’s never been a better time to work in the cloud computing industry. As enterprises modernize their IT and adopt agile and DevOps processes, they’re moving in increasing numbers to cloud-based environments. And the result has been a huge demand for people with cloud expertise.

The market is particularly buoyant in the US, where cloud professionals are amongst the highest earners in the IT sector. And the boom isn’t just restricted to technical roles. People with expertise in cloud brokeragesales and IT financial management are also in very strong demand.

What’s more, a career in cloud computing is highly rewarding, as it offers an exciting new method of planning, developing, testing and implementing IT projects, quicker and more convenient ways to provision compute resources and a switch from traditional IT financial accounting to a new operational expenditure (OPEX) model.

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