Getting started with contributing to OpenStack; Do’s and Don’ts

OpenStack Sydney: The talk describes the structure of most open source communities, governance, and how members of the community communicate. The talk describes the first 5 things that every newcomer to OpenStack should follow. Reviewing code is an important aspect of community participation and we describe how to do good code reviews.

Five things every new contributor should do:

  • Join mailing lists
  • Get an IRC client
  • Register with Launchpad, Github, and sign the ICLA
  • Find a machine that you can dedicate to OpenStack
  • Pick one (or a small number) of areas of interest

Seven things to avoid at all cost:

  • Don’t provide empty commit messages
  • Don’t expect that reviewers are automatic
  • Don’t leave empty reviews
  • Don’t game the Stackalytics system
  • Don’t ignore review comments
  • Don’t be shy
  • Don’t be an IRC ghost

You can watch the video as follows.

A slide from Linux Foundation: Getting Started with Contributing to OpenStack